postcards for yaoi con at SF this weekend~
i’ll probably have other new ones too, as well as most of my usual merchandise
I’ll be at table 47 with pepperonccini at the artist alley so please come by ^^ )/

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Billies Commissions

6x9 inch watercolor : $35
4x6 inch watercolor: $20
Extra character : + $10

Shipping within US: Free
Shipping outside US: + $2

Digital color portrait: $20
Extra character: +$10

limited 5 slots (not including people who already reserved a slot)
pay using paypal only

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my Haikyuu!! zine is back in stock

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I finished moving but I’m still unpacking and stuff-

our store is back up!
HQ!! zines are not in stock right now because they got stuck in the mail while i was moving and i had to get them resent- i’ll put them up on Tuesday.

If you haven’t gotten your order in the mail yet I probably haven’t shipped it and I will do so on Tuesday, sorry for the delay!
I sent all zine orders out except for 5 that need sketches- will also try to send those out on Tuesday.

I need money to buy new stuff  (furniture mostly), so I’ll be opening commissions next week. i’m still figuring out how to price them. I tend to get overwhelmed by too many commissions though so I’m limiting slots (around 5-8? ). If you already sent me an email or note about commissions you’re already guaranteed a slot- if you want to reserve a slot (whether you do end up commissioning me or not) send an ask. Thanks!~

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I made the shirt Sanageyama wore in his flashback because I really liked it. It’s cool enough to wear everyday and feels a little bit like a secret.

If you’d like one, I’ve set up preorders here!

Get this shirt and become a real yankii

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Store hiatus

We’re closing our online store for a bit because we’re moving next week! I’ll leave it open for another day but we will close it Thursday, 12AM EST.
We’ll be back in business Sept 1st at the latest. I’ll post again when we’re ready to open.

Sorry about the short notice-

I’m in the process of shipping book preorders and other purchases. It might take a while to ship it all out because I’m pretty much doing it all myself + packing to move;;
Thanks for your patience~!


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Photos from Hunter x Hunter meet up I went to at Otakon with Juri and Denna~! I was Alluka ^p^ ) Juri was Gon and Denna was my Killua oniichan <333
Photos taken by Juri!! It was a really fun meet I’m so glad we went!!

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