zushi and wing!

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Anonymous: What software do you use for drawing and coloring? Your art is otherworldly cute that I can't help but ask this! Sorry for being so forthright in asking...

Thank you! I mainly use photoshop for digital drawing, coloring , and editing. 

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shoes that make you walk backwards, an umbrella that rains, and a plate that eats food

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YO guys!

My short animation movie, “L’école des Beaux-arts”, which I have directed (wrote, drew and animated) aired today on french TV (3rd channel). YOU CAN NOW WATCH IT HERE!

The movie is an adaptation of a french poem “L’école des Beaux-arts”, written by truly awesome french poet Prévert.

Since it is in French, here is a very rough (unofficial) translation of it :

In a plaited straw box,
The father chooses a small, paper ball
And he throws it
In a bowl cup
In front of his intrigued children
Suddenly comes out
The huge japanese flower
The instanteous water lily
And the children now are quiet
Never after in their memory
This flower will wither away
This sudden flower
Made for them
In the minute
In front of them.


The project occured at the end of my graduation. I passed a contest (organized by Tant Mieux Production) to direct a short movie, along with 14 other young & freshly graduated directors out of French animation schools, All of us had the chance to adapt one different poem from Prévert, giving it our own interpretation.

I wanted to depict how going from childhoodness to adulthood made me change the way I looked at things… and how the memory always stayed within us, nevertheless. How art affected our lives as a kid is like an eternal mark ; there is that recomforting thought that in hard times, we can always look at things in a fresh way.

It was quite a challenge, doing it within 5 months. But I learned so much along the way! special thanks to daisyshea for her awesome texture and kindness.

I hope you’ll like it! Don’t be afraid of giving me feedback!

Thank you for watching/reading! <3

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Some pages from a little book i made about a boy who is looking for his pet beetle.

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